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DUELUX DALI-2 Smart Lighting System: a list of use cases

There are many areas where a DUELUX Lighting Automation System can be used. Smart lighting can be implemented in offices and meeting rooms, monuments, churches and buildings of historical and artistic relevance, warehouses, banks, and stores. Below is a list of use cases.

Offices and Meeting Rooms: Optimal Lighting and Effortless Savings

Equipping offices and meeting rooms with a smart lighting system is a winning choice in many ways. It always allows for the correct degree of lighting, promoting room comfort and energy savings and avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

In addition, in rooms with glass or movable walls such as open spaces, TV studios, etc., wireless technology can be used, thus avoiding the need for a physical connection and the drilling of holes in the walls. You can customize the system to building needs and provide for an automatically or manually operated Lighting Automation system by using:

Light sensors

Combined light and presence sensors

Combined light and motion sensors

Manual switch operation (optimal in conference rooms, classrooms, and auditoriums)

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Applicazioni Smart Lighting Dali-2 Monumenti

Buildings of Historic Interest, Churches and Monuments: The Benefit of the Invisible

The benefits of a smart lighting system can also be perfectly obtained in buildings of historic interest ,which are often subject to architectural restrictions. Any physical intervention must be minimized and, if possible, avoided. Duemmegi can offer Lighting Automation solutions based on wireless technology that can optimally control the lighting of churches, cathedrals, museums, historical buildings and monuments without physical wiring of hole-drilling.

This is achieved by DLWRX wireless and battery-less switch receivers based on ENOCEAN technology. DUELUX is a smart lighting system that is fully and intuitively configurable via a browser without requiring invasive masonry work. This feature makes it particularly suitable for managing and controlling smart lighting systems in all historical and religious buildings with architectural or monumental restrictions.

Smart Lighting in Logistics Facilities and Warehouses: Guaranteed Savings

Here more than anywhere else, the benefits of savings are tangible. Equipping a warehouse or logistics facility with a smart lighting system based on DALI-2 technology saves miles of wiring and a considerable amount of material. This economic benefit adds up to energy savings that the use of a smart lighting system entails. Duemmegi can implement a smart lighting system with different configurations and degrees of customization, depending on your specific needs. In logistics facilities and warehouses, a Lighting Automation system can be deployed featuring:

Manual or automatic control with light sensors

Manual or automatic control with light/presence sensors

Manual or automatic control with light/motion sensors

Manual or automatic management with DALI busbars and combined sensors

In addition, the use of busway or rather a busbar offers several advantages. It is a prefabricated electrical conduit on which the DALI-2 BUS can operate to provide power supply and implement the communication among the different connected devices. Compared to the traditional electric cable, the use of the busway results in reducing:

The amount of material needed to implement the system

Installation costs

In addition, a busbar is an extremely flexible solution from the perspective of future system evolution. It also allows for greater safety in the environments where it is installed, enhances electromagnetic compatibility, and provides enhanced protection against electromagnetic noise.

Banks and Stores - The Best Possible Lighting Experience

One of the benefits of a smart lighting system is ensuring the correct degree of environment lighting at all times. In a commercial building, this translates into another benefit: providing the best possible lighting experience for employees and customers. This can positively influence the customer experience and corporate marketing strategies. In addition to providing room lighting by promoting the “smart” use of power and significant energy savings, the system enables the creation of specific lighting scenarios with positive effects on the customer experience within sales areas.

All the Benefits of a Lighting Automation System

A smart lighting system enables the lighting control through a network. A Lighting Automation system, therefore, provides clear benefits in terms of comfort, centralized control, and above all, energy savings. It also contributes significantly to optimizing consumption and reducing light pollution. Because it also has the capability to communicate, each light unit can provide information on its operating status, optimizing the maintenance process and associated costs, and acting promptly in case of anomalies, failures, and malfunctions. The primary benefit will be the quality of the lighting service provided.

Lighting Automation introduces a key concept: lighting only where, when and how much is needed, allowing smart control of the lighting source and reducing any direct and indirect costs.

In summary, a smart lighting system allows you to achieve:

Full customization

Remote control of the system

Greater energy savings

Reduced environmental impact (lower CO2 emissions, less light pollution)

Optimized maintenance and extended life of light units (thanks to their drivers, which allow the intensity of artificial light to be adjusted according to specific times or schedules).

A smart lighting system based on DALI-2 technology also means additional benefits, such as lower cost and less time required for installation, as well as simplified programming/use. A smart lighting system using DALI-2 technology combined with the use of dimmable LED lamps results in a lighting system with exceptional lighting quality and simple implementation. In addition, the possibility of integration with other systems makes it a versatile, scalable solution with the option of incorporating several additional features.

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