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DUELUX - The Duemmegi Lighting Automation System

take complete control of your lighting

The Duemmegi DUELUX System for Lighting Automation is based on the DALI-2 protocol and enables control of multiple room lighting, single lights or lighting groups with ease and convenience. With DUELUX, buildings can benefit from all the advantages of the automated lighting control.

The DALI-2 system introduced significative technological improvements to the DALI standard:

  1. The new version ensures full back-compatibility with the existing equipment manufactured according to the first edition of the standard.
  2. A “multi-master” architecture has been introduced, which allows multiple master devices to send messages in a DALI system.
  3. New functional standards for control devices (switches, sensors, etc.) have been defined.
  4. The list of DALI commands has been further extended with new features.
  5. The functionalities implemented by the lighting units have been further expanded, with the definition of the new and innovative Device Type.

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Duemmegi is a leading supplier of lighting control products and solutions.

Duemmegi manufactures its products based on the standard DALI-2 protocol.

The system allows automatic programming for:

  • Turning single lights or lighting groups on and off.
  • Dimming of multiple lights.
  • Independent control and management of lights in multiple rooms.
  • Design of lighting scenarios.
  • Receiving detailed information about operating status and the detection of faults or failures.
  • Easy monitoring and control of connected lights.
  • Control of several functionalities using a single interface.

Duemmegi is the ideal partner for your lighting automation needs. With 30 years of experience, we can develop solutions that are highly customizable and tailored to your requirements.


Duemmegi stands for reliability and quality: only 0.1% of products have been repaired under warranty in the past 6 years.

DUELUX, Smart Lighting

Duemmegi’s DUELUX Lighting Automation system is based on DALI-2 technology. This is a standard protocol that enables fast installation time, cost savings, complete scalability, and ease of use for an all-inclusive automated lighting system.

Thanks to Duemmegi technology, lighting equipment becomes "configurable" devices

enabling the digital control of lighting and adding new functionalities to a simple component such as a lighting device.


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Duemmegi Lighting Automation

Smart Lighting Control

DUELUX is Duemmegi’s Lighting Automation system based on the DALI-2 protocol that enables the automation of the whole lighting system of a building in a flexible, modular, and scalable way. It can be successfully implemented for the automation of multipurpose halls, conference rooms, or auditoriums; monuments, churches, museums, and historical buildings; warehouses, banks and sports arenas. Compared to the automation of a lighting system using the first edition of the DALI protocol, DALI-2 can be installed in less time at a lower cost with less material and effort. The entire DUELUX Lighting Automation system can be operated and controlled through a user-friendly graphic interface and successfully deployed for the renovation of buildings and the relighting of educational institutions, schools, and universities.


Duemmegi has been providing lighting automation solutions for 30 years. The goals of smart lighting are, in some respects, similar to those of smart buildings: comfort, centralized control, and above all, energy savings. An intelligent lighting system allows artificial light to be used only where and when it is needed, optimizing energy consumption. The result is an efficient system with exceptional lighting quality. Duemmegi’s DUELUX Lighting Automation system provides industry professionals and end users with state-of-the-art lighting solutions which can be easily installed, configured, and controlled through a user-friendly graphic interface.

The standard DALI-2 protocol also makes the smart lighting system cost-effective, reducing installation time and material costs. Programming is simple, with no need to know any programming languages or to purchase dedicated devices or software. Duemmegi’s Lighting Automation system can also be integrated with a building automation system to control temperature settings, access, and building safety & security systems. The result is a complete automation system with an extremely efficient, leaner and less expensive architecture than a traditional building automation system.

Duemmegi Benefits

Ease of Use



Long Life

Ease of Use

The DUELUX system is aimed at a wide audience,
including non-experts, so it’s highly intuitive
and simple to use through a user-friendly interface.


An affordable automation system must be flexible enough
to meet every need, from the simplest to the most
complex. Duemmegi technology helps the user by
simplifying and speeding up many
of the most common
everyday tasks.


The system operates 24/7 and requires no special care. Even in case of failure, it’s able to provide the service for which it was designed, or a similar one in the case of reduced operation. It’s also capable of reporting failures and generating a report of any anomalies.

Long Life

The system is built keeping in mind that it will have to provide continuous service over time. It must be virtually fail-safe and easy to repair, even by unskilled personnel. In all cases, it should be possible to quickly return the system to operation.

Lighting Automation Duelux by Duemmegi

Addressing Your Need for Innovation

FAQ Duemmegi

DALI, which stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a standard communication protocol designed to digitally control lighting. This protocol is implemented in buildings to control smart lighting systems as, in its second edition called DALI-2, it allows lighting control devices (such as electronic ballasts), motion detectors, and light sensors to communicate with each other. The result is a state-of-the-art lighting solution that can be easily installed, configured and controlled via a user-friendly graphic interface.

The DALI protocol enables the control of lighting groups or single lights, even dimmable ones. In addition, a Lighting Automation system built in accordance with the DALI protocol offers maximum flexibility and adaptability of lighting units in the event of new conditions or different room use. It requires no hardware or rewiring intervention. Lights can also be easily allocated or grouped together after installation (e.g., change of room use). Finally, the advanced DALI controllers can be integrated into building automation systems to manage other smart building functions via bus systems.

DALI is an open standard, a universal system that is easy to use, extremely versatile, and very inexpensive. To date, the standard protocol used has been the first edition of the DALI protocol. It is a technology still in use today that has transformed simple lights into true configurable devices by bringing the digital world to the lighting domain.

DALI-1 is a functional architecture based on a master/slave communication protocol. Moreover, in this first version of the DALI standard, it is only the master that activates communication while the slave devices execute it. A slave device cannot, under any circumstances, independently initiate communication. The Lighting Automation system based on DALI must be equipped with a DALI power supply, to maintain the DC voltage needed to encode the signal. It also provides power to all connected devices.

Finally, support for control devices, such as sensors or switches, is not included in DALI. Any control devices that may be installed can only communicate with the master without being connected to the DALI bus. Therefore, in order to operate, it needs another bus system to which the various control devices can be connected. This entails a greater economic commitment both in terms of the material used and the labor required for installation.

The DALI-2 standard is the new solution in the world of smart lighting. It allows for a streamlined, scalable, and less expensive architecture, where different connected devices can also exchange data and commands between themselves (not possible with DALI-1).

With DALI-2 you can connect and control not only lights, but also:

  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Motors
  • Wireless interface modules for ENOCEAN technology switches.

DALI-2 standardizes the use of control devices such as switches, sensors, etc., (not included with DALI-1) and introduces several new features:

  • A Multimaster architecture, which can simultaneously send messages and commands on the DALI bus, without the risk of collisions.
  • The "Application Controller" function, which, among other things, can control communication between devices and switches/sensors.
  • A well-defined communication flow, that always requires the communication data to be sent to the Application Controller and never between switches and lamps.

Duemmegi's goal is to simplify a lighting control system as much as possible by offering a complete solution based on DALI-2 technology. This is possible thanks to the DUELUX system, which can cover all installation needs, including the possibility of wireless control enabled by transmitters with ENOCEAN technology, using wireless communication that requires no batteries. DUELUX is a smart lighting system that that can be fully configured quickly and intuitively using a browser. The system is accessible from any device with a web browser. It can therefore be configured and operated using a PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet regardless of the operating system used.

Any DALI-2 system can be deployed in a more complex system and become a full-featured building automation system to control all other functions of a smart building (temperature control, technical alarms, security systems, access control, etc.). By leveraging the advantages of the DALI-2 standard, you’ll have access to a complete automation system, with a Lighting Automation component and a Building Automation component talking to each other. The benefit is a lower cost compared to an architecture designed solely for a building automation system. In addition to the typical functionality of a Building Automation system, this mixed architecture (and the DALI-2 architecture in general) makes it possible to install a combination of light and presence sensors to avoid the use of switches in rooms.

The goal of the DUELUX system is to simplify a lighting control system as much as possible. Duemmegi offers a complete lighting automation system based on DALI-2 technology. To cover all installation needs, the following are available: DALI-2/Ethernet gateways, push-button or switch interfaces (also wireless), and ON/OFF or motor control actuators (shutters, projection screens, skylights, and more).

The DUELUX DALI-2 system provides an architecture configured as follows: a DALI-2 bus for communication with ballasts/lamps (up to a maximum of 64) connected to the DLCP controller module. On the same bus, you can connect:

  • Combined sensors (presence/light and motion/lighting).
  • Interface modules for pushbuttons or switches.
  • Modules with relay outputs.

The interconnection between the various DLCP control units is made through an Ethernet network. The graphic interface is user-friendly and very easy to configure, without the need to know any programming languages. No specific technical training is required, as configuring the system is simply a matter of using the graphic interface that offers various drop-down menus. The interface is online and can be accessed via IP address with any device equipped with a web browser. Therefore, there is no need to download any software to the computer.

Duemmegi's DUELUX system provides the option of wireless control. This is a useful feature in working environments featuring glass walls or in historic monuments and buildings where drilling holes in the wall is not possible. In these cases, the DLWRX receiver module can interface the DALI-2 bus with up to 4 transmitters, each equipped with 4 switches that use ENOCEAN technology (wireless and without batteries). The only connection required for the DLWRX module are the two DALI-2 bus cables, while the required power supply is sourced from the bus itself. In a Lighting Automation system with wireless controls, only the following items are required:

  • A DLCP (controller module for DALI-2 bus)
  • One or more DLWRXs (wireless receiver modules)
  • One or more ENOCEAN wireless switches
  • Lamps (with a DALI-2 system, individual lamp and groups of lamps can be controlled, including the creation of light scenarios).

Duemmegi's DUELUX Lighting Automation system is fully configurable via a web browser. It’s an innovative and simple system even during commissioning. The following can be performed through the web-based interface accessible from any fixed or mobile device equipped with a web browser (PC/Laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.):

  • Automatic field addressing (DALI lamps, sensors, input modules, wireless switches, relay actuators, etc.).
  • Creation of areas and groups.
  • Configuration of scenarios and command logic.
  • Timer settings.
  • Exchange of information and commands between multiple DALI-2 buses (which reference different DLCPs).

This is highly simple and intuitive and requires no knowledge of any specific programming languages. There is no need for an active Internet connection since all you need is a connection to an access point on the DLCP controller module in order to have access to the entire system.